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David Beverley

I'm a retired children's specialist who used to work in the NHS. I have always been interested in photography and used to develop my own monochrome prints in a dark room I made in the bathroom. I started digital photography with a Fuji Fine Pix 6900 in 2001 and subsequently moved to Canon DSLRs, currently using a Canon EOS 77D with a Tamron 15-300 mm zoom lens. My preference is for landscape photography and often describe myself as a hill walker who enjoys photography. However, having joined York Photographic Society my choice of subject matter has widened and hopefully my gallery pictures demonstrate this. I use Adobe Light Room and Photoshop for post capture editing with the Nik Filter Suite as an add in.

Quirang Of Skye
The Old Man Of Storr
Minster Backdrop
Mill Gill Falls
Lendal Bridge
Into The Sunset
Penhill From Leyburn
Albert Docks Liverpool
Tollerton Mist
So High
Below The Cleveland Way
Playa Del Silencio
Mirador De Liesba At Puerto De San Gloria
Tunnel Vision
Leaf Lace

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