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Elaine Graham

I run a small architectural firm - we design and supervise the building of one-off large private houses and small housing developments.

We use photography at work, but mainly for record-keeping rather than for aesthetics. I used to be known for taking more pictures of my feet than anything else!

However, all this changed when we adopted two rescue whippets a few years ago. I wanted to take better pictures of them. Gradually, as my photography improved, I developed an interest in general photography as well.

I am still very much a beginner; I think I have an eye for composition but want to learn more about the technical side, hence the decision to join York Photographic Society.

I am Elaine S Graham on Flickr

Happy Birthday Woody
Sansa Reflected
Allotments Shapes
Allotments Show Day
Allotments Bonfire
Sansa In Flight
Light And Shade
Whippet Impossible
Half Time
Team Photo
Rainy Day
Portrait Of Basil
Plant Impression
Field Icm

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