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Morris Gregory

I have had a keen interest in photography for over 35 years and enjoy taking photographs of a wide range of subjects.

Just after my student days I went to a lot of gigs with my flatmate and after a while took my camera along and began photographing bands, most of them now consigned to obscurity but also including the likes of U2, Echo and the Bunnymen and Selecter. A few poorly exposed and composed slides of them still exist in a dusty drawer somewhere.

My other photographic interests include landscape, wildlife, sport and the urban environment. For over twenty years I also combined my hobby of scuba diving with underwater photography, a fascinating environment to explore.

Lately I have moved towards more impressionistic and abstract photography, inspired by eminent photographers such as Sandra Bartocha and Valda Bailey, and attempting to create my own personal style.

Abstract 1
Abstract 2
Autumn Mist
Buchaille Etive Mor
Deadvlei Trees In Mist
Fair Exchange
Gannet Aggression
Gull With Food
Hoar Frost Trees
Ice Patterns 1
Ice Patterns 2
Kingfisher About To Dive
Kingfisher With Minnow
Kite Surfer
Leopards About To Mate
Point To Point
Winter Trees

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