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Paul Brelsford

I am as much a walker, cyclist, map man as an amateur photographer. Much of my photography is landscape and especially fieldscape - as I am surrounded by fields and always take the camera with me when cycling or walking. Fieldscapes are fascinating and I think underrated as they are often overlooked but one field can offer a different scene in each of the spring and summer months. Crop rotation means that the view will also change from year to year, the scene is never the same

I do enjoy wild bird and wild animal photography when the opportunity arises, whether locally (red kites, hares, deer and barn owls) or slightly further afield (mandarin ducks, kingfisher, puffin).

In the winter months, when the nights are short and the fields are bare, then I will switch to light trail photography, whether this in the city center or hanging over a flyover on a dual carriageway. The dark nights bring a whole new genre of photography to enjoy

Potato Furrows
Walking Among The Heather
Ready For Harvest
Shy Puffin
Mandarin Duck
Askham Richard
York Minster
York Balloon Fair

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