Project Rules


  1. The Society's Projects

    1. The Society holds a number of projects each season which are in digital format and organised by the Digital Secretary (or nominated deputy). Each project has a theme that entries should meet. Members are encouraged to submit their work for discussion and feedback in a fun and friendly format.

    2. Most projects are displayed at a club meeting called a Project Night. Other club meetings make use of the project format too, such as Open Nights and Images from Club Outings.

    3. Projects are alway open to fully paid up members of the Society, and are open to non-members on Open Nights.

    4. Entries for projects use the members name and members are given the opportunity to discuss their images with the attendees on the night.


  1. Submissions

    1. Entries for a project must be submitted through Photo Entry.

    2. Entries to projects must be submitted by the date stated in the programme unless the organiser, at their absolute discretion, agrees to late submission.

    3. The organiser may, at their absolute discretion, decide to limit the number of entries put forward if the number entered exceeds that which the organiser considers might be reasonably presented and discussed. The numbering of entries is used to determine such a cut off, and it is advised that entrants order their entries with their most favoured as the earlier entries. For example, a project with maximum 5 entries may be reduced to maximum 3 entries, in which case only entries 1, 2 and 3 from each member will be presented and discussed.

    4. Any entry that does not meet the submission criteria for the project will be rejected and returned to the member for correction and resubmission. Resubmissions must also meet the submission dates of the project.

  2. Criteria

    1. All entries must be the authors own work.

    2. Entries should attempt to meet the project theme, although there is no rejection for those deemed to not meet the theme by the organiser.

    3. Entries for Images from Club Outings must be taken on a club outing and not another occassion at the same location.

  3. Presentation

    1. Authors will be invited to speak about their images and present their approach and thoughts.

    2. All images from the same author will be displayed together, allowing for common approaches to be seen and smoother discussion overall.

Image Specifications

  1. Specifications for digital images

    Please note that the precisely detailed specifications are important as they ensure that the images are projected optimally and in the correct order

    1. All digital images must be in JPEG format and sRGB colour space.

    2. Maximum dimensions are 1600 pixels wide by 1200 pixels high.

      For example, considering the maximum dimensions for some common aspect ratios, then:

      • A square format i.e. aspect ratio 1:1 submitted size would be 1200x1200 pixels

      • A widescreen landscape format e.g. aspect ratio 16:9 submitted size would be 1600x900 pixels

      • A typical portrait format e.g. aspect ratio 4:5 submitted size would be 960x1200 pixels

    3. Digital image titles as follows:

      Up to 50 characters long.

      Titles must not include the author, their membership number or the entry number

Project Specifics

  1. General Projects

    1. Unless otherwise stated, all projects are general projects

    2. Members may enter a maximum of five digital images.

  2. Images from Club Outings

    1. This covers entries for the event of the same name

    2. Members may enter a maximum of ten digital images of their choice of split across all events attended.

    3. Titling of images follows the same pattern, however, it is preferable to prefix the title with the outing.

      e.g. Saltaire - A bridge too far

  3. Panel Projects

    1. There are no panel projects this season, however, the format is mentioned here for completeness.

    2. Members may enter a maximum of three panels, each panel containing three digital images.

Further Details

  1. Enquiries

    Members may contact the project organiser or any member of the committee for any enquires related to projects.

  2. Commencement

    These Rules shall come into force on 15 October 2022 and supersede all previous Rules relating to the Society's projects.

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