Creating Panel Arrangement Images in Lightroom

Many thanks to Allan Highet for the following instructions on how to create panel arrangement images in Lightroom Classic.

  • In Library, select and import the three required images - they will now appear in the central Library Filter pane, and in the Filmstrip at the bottom left.

  • Click Print at top right (even though you may not intend to print!). A template will open, not necessarily the one you want. If the Template Browser is not shown in the panel down the left side, click the faint arrow halfway up the edge to open it. Select Triptych - click to open it in the main pane (this may take many seconds).

  • Click Page Setup at the bottom of the template panel to choose “Letter 8.5 x 11 inches” in Paper Size menu, and Landscape, as this approximates to the shape of the projection screen.

  • In the panel down the right side:

    • under Layout Style at top, choose Custom Package

    • under Image Settings, untick Photo Border and Inner Stroke (unless wanted)

    • under Rulers etc, untick Show Guides

    • under Cells, tick Lock to Photo Aspect Ratio

    • under Page, tick Page background Color, then click on the rectangle beside it to allow selection of black background

  • Drag-drop each image from Filmstrip into the top of the black backgound of the main pane. Click on an image to allow adjustment of size and position. Typically the images will be in a row along the top of the pane, otherwise adjust to taste. Leave black margins around each image

  • When all the adjustments are complete, save the file as follows:

    • scroll down the panel on the right to find Print Job

    • in the first line, use the menu opposite “Print to” to select JPEG File

    • at bottom right click Print to File

  • in Save File pane, select the destination folder, give the file the appropriate name, and click Save

  • From the destination folder the image can now be taken to e.g. Photoshop for further adjustments such as image size etc.

Last Updated: 6 January 2024

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